The Log4Sendpp Handbook




log4sendpp aims to provide a minimalistic and platform independent C++ client library to benefit from logging hosts around the The Apache Logging Project. It sends log messages over TCP/IP and is mainly intended for debugging purposes.

Table of Contents

1. Developer's Guide
1.1. Logging
1.1.1. Diagnostic Data
1.1.2. Formatter
1.1.3. Appender
1.1.4. Logger
1.2. Argument Formatting
1.3. Chainsaw As Logging Host
1.4. Working With Embedded Systems
1.4.1. The Problem
1.4.2. The Solution
1.5. Collecting Data From Testing Frameworks
1.5.1. CppUnit
1.5.2. Boost
1.5.3. Qt
2. Frequently And Never Asked Questions
3. Credits and License
1. Installation
1.1. How to obtain log4sendpp
1.2. Compilation and Installation
1.2.1. Installing on systems using autoconf and friends
1.2.2. Installing on systems using Cygwin
1.2.3. Creating and Installing an RPM
1.2.4. Installing on other systems
1.2.5. Useful Scripts And Batch Files

List of Tables

1.1. Memory Consumption of C++ Code