1.2.4. Installing on other systems

If you are using a compiler on a platform not directly supported you must setup your own project files for your compiler. All adjustments are done in log4sendpp.h. To benefit from updates it is of course better to move your own settings to a configuration file and include it.

See config-bcb5.h as an example for Borland's CBuilder.

The following macros are used to manually tweak the library:


Enable unicode characters (based on wchar_t) instead of ascii characters for the log messages and the according properties.


Some platforms export only explicitly tagged elements in dynamic libraries. Other elements can't be linked from other binaries. This macro hides such an export declaration.


Disable all features that are based on runtime type information to reduce the library size.


Disable exception handling to reduce the library size. See Section 1.4.2, “The Solution” for more information.


Disable the l4snd namespace and move everything into the global namespace. This may be neccessary for older compilers whick do not support this features properly.


Disable the std namespace and assume everything from the C++ library being global. This may be neccessary for older compilers whick do not support this features properly. If you use this option, you may need to rename the #include statements or better create redirection headers.


Enable code for CppUnit as testing framework.


Enable code for Boost.Test as testing framework.

There are more predefined options of less interest in log4sendpp.h or in the according section in the API documentation.

[Note]Once you have ported log4sendpp to a new platform:

Please send me your files for inclusion in the next distribution. You will certainly make some people happy with this.